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Lotto Ball


The Texas Lottery Software is suitable for the lottery games Lotto, Cash 5, Two Step, Pick3, Pick 4, Powerball and Mega Millions games. It has been designed to maximise your chances of winning a prize against the odds and who knows maybe the jackpot.!!

The TX  lotto program costs only $24.95 to register, but you can download and use the trial version for 25 uses free of charge.

See the home page for a list of Texas lottery functions.

Main Screen

Texas lotto Screen

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The software is free to try before you buy. The lottery program trial has limited use (typically 25 draws).

The purchased version has no restrictions.


Costs only $24.95 to buy. To purchase, download it,  install it, then use either:

  • the built in function within the lottery program by selecting File > Register > Pay Online option (preferred method) or
  • purchase from this site

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