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Free Lottery Playslip Ticket Printing Software


This lottery ticket playslip printing software is absolutely free* of charge, requires calibration** for the tickets, and allows you to print your lottery entries directly onto the lottery playslips entry tickets using your printer (note you should make sure that your printer is able to feed the tickets through. Some printers do not provide guides to handle the narrow width of the playslips).

*on condition that you share your calibrations with other users. Once sufficient entries have been received they will be posted onto this site.

**calibration requires a ruler with mm markings, several playslips for the lottery games you play and a printer.

Each game may take approximately 1 hour to configure (less for subsequent games). The calibration method allows for printing on any Boards for any lottery and allows reconfiguration for any subsequent change in layout.

If you would really like the program but are not able to calibrate the playslip entries, you can send about 10 playslips for each game in your country or state (not just the ones you play) and we will configure the files for you and send you the files needed to print the playslips. Details are contained in the Help file of the program

Format of Entries

The entries can be made using notepad txt files. The program also reads csv files. Entries must be in the following format format: N N N ...N B where N..N are the main ball numbers and B is the optional bonus / powerball numbers if the game uses an additional ball. The file must not contain any other information other than lists of lottery entries. So, for example, a valid USA Powerball entry could in the file could have the following formats:

01 12 25 30 40 07
01 09 25 30 50 36
11 12 25 30 40 09




1,2,12,30,40,7 etc


1-12-35-35-40-40 etc

Version 1.3 now contains a powerful parser which will if possible read your entries from any file (.txt or .cvs) whatever layout you use.

Note that the help is provided as an RTF file so you must have some program on your machine that can read rtf files (Microsoft WordPad is able to do this -  WordPad comes free with most Microsoft operating systems).

Click here to download your free program .

Lottery Software Developers

If you are interested in using this program to seamlessly print playslips from your own software, a license is available for you to do this. Please email us for more information.

How to Submit your Entries for your Free Version

Just copy the Game.dat files into a zip file (the Game.dat files can be found in the folder where you installed the ticket printing software), attach the zip file to an email and send to: john@justlottery.com with Title: Lottery Configuration. Include in the email the names of the lottery games you have configured, and which Country (and State if USA) the game(s) are played in.

Note that you can use your definition files with most of the paid versions of lottery software you can use on this site. You MUST however change the name of the files before using them with these programs. For example, if you configure Florida Mega Money as Game1.dat in the free version - rename it to MegaMoney.dat before copying it to the paid or trial version of UltraLott Florida folder.

Any problems or queries please: EMAIL

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