Below you find will find information on a number of jackpot slots with large jackpots that make it possible to earn a lot of money.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune holds the world record for largest progressive jackpot ever paid out by a slot machine online. This record, which is featured in the Guinness Book of Records, was set in January 2013 when a Finnish player in Paf Casino won a €17,860,868 jackpot.

Mega Fortune has three progressive jackpots: Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Rapid Jackpot. Mega Fortune was developed by Swedish game developer NetEntertainment (NetEnt), and they are the ones managing the vast Mega Fortune progressive jackpot network. The Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot is a pooled jackpot, which means that all Mega Fortune slot machines help fund their same Mega Jackpot.

Mega Fortune Major Jackpot and Mega Fortune Rapid Jackpot are not pooled jackpots. This means that the Major Jackpot in Paf Casino is fed by Paf-members only, the Major Jackpot in Mr Green Casino is fed by Mr Green-members only, and so on. In each given moment, the size of these jackpots vary depending on which online casino you play Mega Fortune in. At the time of writing, there is for instance a Mega Fortune Major Jackpot of €244,883 to be won in Leo Vegas Casino, while the Mega Fortune Major Jackpot in WhiteHat Casino is worth just €37,057.

The Mega Fortune Rapid Jackpot has a low start amount and is set to pay out often. Because of this, it rarely grows very big. The Major Jackpot starts higher, and compared to Rapid Jackpot, it is set to pay out less frequently. Because of this, it tends to be larger (on average) when it pays out. The largest payouts so far has been a bit over €200,000. The Mega Jackpot starts really high and is set to pay out infrequently (on average). It usually contains quite a few million euros when it pays out.

The basics

Mega Fortune is a 5 reel slot machine with 25 paylines. You can chose how many paylines you wish to bet on (1-25) and how many coins to bet per payline (1-4), but you can only win the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot when you have wagered 100 coins. This means that if you aren’t betting the maximal number of coins on the maximal number of paylines, you have no chance of winning the Mega Jackpot.

The Mega Fortune slot has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a free spins feature and a bonus game.

The RTP for Mega Fortune is 96.4 percent.

mega fortuneWild symbol

The yacht is a wild symbol in Mega Fortune. It can substitute for any symbol (except the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol) to help you for a winning combination on the reels.

Scatter symbol

The champagne symbol is a scatter symbol in Mega Fortune. Get at least two champagne symbols, anywhere on the reels, and you have won money. Get at least three champagne symbols, anywhere on the reels, and you trigger the free spin mode.

If you get at least two champagne symbols, anywhere on the reels, during free spins mode you will be rewarded withfree spins and/or a multiplier. The multiplier multiplies your coin wins (not bonus wins).

Bonus symbol

The wheel of fortune is a bonus symbol in Mega Fortune. You need to get at least three Fortune Wheels in consecutive order on an active payline to trigger the Mega Fortune bonus game.

The bonus game – this is where you can win a progressive jackpot

When the bonus game starts, you will see three wheels. The first wheel to spin can either award you with a prize, or it can stop on an arrow and send you on to the second wheel. This wheel can also give you a prize or send you on to the third wheel. It is when you have reached the third wheel that you have a chance to win the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot.

The three progressive jackpots can only be one during the bonus game. It is not possible to win any of them without getting to the bonus game first.

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Mega Fortune Dreams

While the original Mega Fortune was launched back in 2009, the Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine is a more recent invention. Just like Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams comes from the Swedish game developer NetEnt.

Premiered in 2014, Mega Fortune Dreams is a slot machine inspired by Mega Fortune but it is not just a new skin of its predecessor. Yes, the graphics have been updated, but Mega Fortune Dreams differs from Mega Fortune in several other ways as well. However, one thing remains the same – you can still win three progressive jackpots, including the word-famous Mega Jackpot.

While Mega Fortune has 25 paylines, the number of paylines on Mega Fortune Dreams is only 20. You cannot chose how many of them you wish to bet on – you always bet on all 20 of them when playing Mega Fortune Dreams. The ability to chose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins per payline has been kept.

The wild symbol in Mega Fortune Dreams has been boosted with a re-spin feature. Get at lest three wild symbols, and they will freeze while the other symbols spin around again for free.

Another point where Mega Fortune Dreams differ from Mega Fortune is the free spin mode. In Mega Fortune Dreams, you alwaysget help from a multiplier in free spin mode. The multiplier starts at 3x. As soon as you get a scatter symbol during free spins, the multiplier increases or you get additional free spins. The highest possible multiplier is 10x.

When NetEnt launched Mega Fortune Dreams, they didn’t discontinue Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune still exists, and most casinos online with NetEnt games still offer Mega Fortune instead of Mega Fortune Dreams. Examples of casinos that do offer Mega Fortune Dreams are Paf, Unibet, Maria, Betsson and Betsafe.

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Hall of Gods

hall of godsHall of Gods is a slot machine from NetEnt, inspired by the Nordic gods and their world. Hall of Gods is famous for its three progressive jackpots, including the Hall of Gods Mega Jackpot which starts at €500,000. The largest payout so far was the €7,820,888 won by a Norwegian player in Betsson Casino on April 18, 2015.

Hall of Gods Midi Jackpot starts at €5,000 and Hall of Gods Mini Jackpot starts at €100. Unlike the Mega Jackpot, Midi and Mini are not pooled jackpots fed by a lot of different casinos. Midi Jackpot and Mini Jackpot are unique to each casino.

You can not win any of the progressive jackpots in the standard game – you need to get to the bonus game first. In the bonus game, you will use Mjölnir to smash shields. (This is an interactive bonus game.) Match three identical amounts of money, and you win that amount. Match three identical jackpot symbols, you win that jackpot.

You don’t have to pay for max bet to have a shot at any of the progressive jackpots in Hall of Gods. However, your chance of winning a progressive jackpot will increase with bet size.


Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a slot machine from NetEnt. When you look at lists online over the slot machines that currently has the largest progressive jackpots to offer, you will almost always find Arabian Nights in one of the top spots, typically near Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune / Mega Fortune Dreams – slots that just like Arabian Nights come from NetEnt.

The largest jackpot payout so far from Arabian Nights took place in November 2012 when a Finnish player in Paf Casino won €8,635,872.

The progressive jackpot can be won in the standard game. There is no bonus game that you need to reach first. You must wager on all ten paylines to have chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Arabian Nights only has one progressive jackpot. In some casinos, this is a jackpot fed by the casinos own players only. This is for instance the case in Paf Casino, where the Arabian Nights progressive jackpot is fed by Paf-members only and can only be won in Paf Casino. Other casinos have opted to join a (NetEnt managed) network for the Arabian Nights progressive jackpot and feed a communal jackpot that can be won in any of the networked casinos.

Examples of casinos that are famous for their huge (private) progressive Arabian Nights jackpots are Mr Green, Unibet, Betsson and the aforementioned Paf.