majestic millionMajestic Millions is a Malta-based lottery available for players throughout most of Europe. 1st prize is guaranteed to always be at lest €25 million. Majestic Millions is run by the Maltese gambling company OTTO Gaming Ltd.

If you win the jackpot, you do not receive a lump sum. Instead, the money is paid out over 29 years. The jackpot annuity is guaranteed by the Bank of Valletta on Malta. The first payment takes place within 30 days of your win.

Playing Majestic Millions

When you purchase a Majestic Million lottery ticket, you pick five numbers per line + two letters from the alphabet. Your lottery line will thus consists of five numbers + two letters.

Each line costs €2.

Majesting Millions can be purchased online, either directly from OTTO Gaming Ltd or from one of the other gambling sites that offers Majestic Millions tickets.

The draw

majestic millionsMajestic Millions is a daily lottery, with one drawing every day of the week. The drawing takes place in a studio in Malta every evening and is shown through live stream on the sites that sell Majestic Millions lottery tickets.

You can purchase Majestic Millions tickets for today’s drawing until 6 pm, and the drawing takes place right after 6 pm.

If you missed a drawing, you can watch it afterwards on any of the sites that showed it live. It will remain available until it is replaced by the next drawing. Of course, the results of the drawing are also published and remains accessible much longer than the film clip of the drawing.

Each MajorMillions drawing is supervised by a representative from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).


A very large part of the total prize pot goes to the jackpot. Therefore, the other prizes are comparatively small.

Prize Number of correct numbers needed from the first group + number of correct letter needed
The jackpot 5 + 2
€50 000 4 + 2
€5000 3 + 2
€500 2 + 2
€50 1 + 2
€15 000 5 + 1
€1500 4 + 1
€150 3 + 1
€15 2 + 1
€4 1 + 1
€1000 0 + 2
€100 0 + 2
€10 0 + 2
€3 0 + 2
€2 0 + 2

How to purchase Majestic Millions lottery tickets directly from OTTO Gaming

  1. Go to OTTO Gaming’s webside
  2. Sign-up for an account with OTTO. You will need to enter a valid email address, and when you receive the confirmation email you need to follow the instructions to confirm your sign up.
  3. Deposit money into your player account.
  4. Go to the lottery play page of PlayOTTO and select Majestic Millions.
  5. You can either pick out your five numbers and two letters manually, or have the random number generator do it for you.
  6. Click the “Play now” button to confirm your purchase. A confirmation message will show up on your screen.
  7. You will receive an email receipt for your purchase.
  8. Once the draw is over, you will receive an email message if you won something. Please note that these emails are not sent out immediately after the draw is finished – you may have to wait a few hours.