finish lottoThe Finnish National Lottery, sometimes called the Finland Lotto, is organized by state-owned Veikkaus Oy, who has an exclusive betting license for lotteries in Finland (excluding Åland). Veikkaus offers about 20 different games, with the Finnish national lottery being the most popular one. Over a third of Veikkaus total sales comes form this lottery and roughly 70 percent of the adult Finnish population participate in the national lottery at least once a year..

When Veikkaus was founded back in the 1940s, it only offered sports betting. The national lottery wasn’t launched until the early 1970’s. The revenue from the lottery and other Veikkaus games go to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and is used to fund programs concerning arts, science, sports and youth.


The Finnish National Lottery features a 7/39 format, where one line on your lottery ticket consists of seven numbers. To win the jackpot, the drawn seven numbers must match your seven numbers. To win anything, you must match four numbers.

In 2011, the cost of betting one line was increased to €1. At the same time, the part of the sales income that goes to players with 7 correct numbers were increased from 13.6 percent to 16.5 percent.

If you want to, you can pay €1.25 per line instead of just €1. If you win after paying the higher price, your win is doubled but only if the the doubling-number is the same as one of the seven-digit numbers in the correct Lotto line. The doubling-number is drawn after the seven initial numbers has been drawn.

Purchasing a lottery ticket

Lottery tickets are sold by a large number of retailers in Finland as well as by Veikkuas online. You can either pick your numbers manually or have them randomly picked for you. Many participants play systems, where one lottery ticket is filled with a large amount of lines. It is also common to play the same line or system for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 5 weeks or 10 weeks.

Your lottery ticket will be registered in your name, regardless of whether you play online or offline. You will also have an account where any winnings are deposited. The lottery ticket will show both your customer number and account numbers.

The draw

The draw takes place once a week, usually on Saturday night.

Until 2013, the draw was shown live on Yle TV1. Nowadays, it has moved to MTV3.

During the draw, seven numbers are drawn from a total of 39 numbers. Also, an extra number used as the doubling number is drawn.

The chance of getting a perfect seven-digit match is 1:15,380,937

The chance of winning anything is roughly 1:83.

When is my win doubled?

If you have wager €1.25 on your winning line (instead of just €1) and the doubling-number is the same as one of the seven initial numbers drawn, your win is doubled.

The chance of the doubling number being the same as one of the seven numbers is 7:39. This means that on average, roughly one line of six will include a number identical to the doubling number.


Result Number of combinations Chance
7 matches 1 0,000000065
6+1 matches 14 0,000000910
6 matches 210 0,000013653
5 matches 10 416 0,000677202
4 matches 173 600 0,011286699
3 matches 1 258 600 0,081828565
2 matches 4 228 896 0,274943978
1 matches 6 343 344 0,412415967
0 matches 3 365 856 0,218832962

Of the total sales for a draw, 17% is used for the jackpot. 4.6% goes to winners with 6 + 1 correct numbers, 2.8% goes to winners with 6 correct numbers and 3.4% goes to winner with five correct numbers. Four correct numbers is always worth the fixed amount of €10. (These percentages does not take into account the extra €0.25 brought in from lines where the player elects to wager €1.25 instead of €1.)

Due to this system, how much you win in euro for a certain amount of correct matches varies from one draw to another. Generally speaking, 6 + 1 will give you roughly €50,000, 6 matches will give you about €2,000 and five matches will give you around €50, but it all varies with the amount of sold lines.

The jackpot

The jackpot is always at least €700,000. If no one wins the jackpot, the money is rolled over to the next draw.

Notable wins

  • In April 2014, one ticket won a jackpot comprised of €13.3 million.
  • In October 2012, one ticket won a jackpot comprised of €12.2 million.
  • In April 2011, one won a jackpot comprised of €7.5 million. The winner was from Espoo.
  • In September 2011, Veikus celebrated its 70th anniversary with a special drawing. The jackpot, containing €7.2 million, was won by one ticket. The winner was from Kalajoki.