euromillionEuroMillions is a trans-European lottery where first prize is a progressive jackpot. The lottery was launched in 2004, founded by the French state lottery Française des Jeux, the Spanish state lottery Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, and the British state lottery Camelot. The very first draw took place in Paris on Friday 13th 2004.

The progressive jackpot fed by lottery buyers in more than one European country grew quickly and attracted a lot of attention. Soon, gambling companies and organizations in a number of other European countries had joined the project, including ones in Ireland, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria, Belgium and Portugal. Today, EuroMillions is also available in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Lichtenstein, Andorra and Monaco.

A EuroMillions win is tax free in most of the participating countries, but there are exceptions and Switzerland is one of them.

Purchasing EuroMillion lottery tickets

Where to purchase EuroMillion lottery tickets depends on the country in which you wish to make your purchase. Normally, the tickets are sold by a state run lottery organization, but there are exceptions.

For each line you buy, you select five numbers of 50 possible numbers. You also select two numbers from eleven possible numbers, and these two numbers are your lucky star numbers.

To win the progressive jackpot, you need to get all seven numbers right, i.e. the first five numbers + you lucky star numbers.

What’s the cost?

A standard EuroMillions lottery ticket costs €2, £2 or 3 CHF per line.

In some countries, including Portugal and Ireland, EuroMillions Plus is available. This option costs a additional €1 per line.

When is the draw?

A draw takes place in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 9:45 pm (CET).


Prize Number of correct numbers needed from the first group + number of correct lucky star numbers needed Chance of winning Part of prize fund
13th prize 2 + 0 1 in 23 18,0%
12th prize 2 + 1 1 in 46 17,6%
11th prize 1 + 2 1 in 156 6,5%
10th prize 3 + 0 1 in 327 3,7%
9th prize 3 + 1 1 in 654 2,2%
8th prize 2 + 2 1 in 821 2,3%
7th prize 3 + 2 1 in 11 771 0,5%
6th prize 4 + 0 1 in 14 387 0,7%
5th prize 4 + 1 1 in 28 773 0,7%
4th prize 4 + 2 1 in 517 919 0,8%
3rd prize 5 + 0 1 in 3 236 994 1,6%
2nd prize 5 + 1 1 in 6 473 989 4,8%
1st prize (Progressive jackpot) 5 + 2 1 in 116 531 800 32,0%

The chance of winning anything on a line is 1 in 13.

8,6% of the prize fund is always moved to a separate fund called the booster fund. This fund is used to boost the progressive jackpot now and then. How and when to use money from the booster fund to boost the jackpot is determined jointly by the participating lottery organizations.

Super Draws and Event Draws

euromillionsSuper Draws and Event Draws are special draws where EuroMillions guarantees that the size of the jackpot will reach a certain level, regardless of how many tickets that are sold. They can for instance guarantee that the jackpot will be at least €130 millions.

  • If no one wins the progressive jackpot in an Event Draw, the money from the jackpot will be distributed among the winners on the next level below.
  • If on one wins the progressive jackpot in a Super Draw, the jackpot money will stay in the jackpot and be included in the next draw.

What is the RTP for EuroMillions?

The statistical return to player (RTP) for EuropMillions is 50%.

The profits are used by each participating gaming organization in accordance with its specific statues. For instance, the British State Lottery uses its profits to fund charitable work concerning health, education, sports, environment, cultural heritage and art in Great Britain.